About Me

I’m Charles (Chuck) Burkins, and I lead two professional lives. In one life I’m a programmer, sysadmin and general internet worker. In the other I’m a distiller. I live in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, though I grew up in western Massachusetts. I was educated at Cornell University. At some point in my life I’ve been a shipping clerk, a technician, and a biochemist.

I’m a member of the Congregational Church of Vergennes and a committed progressive Christian.

I’m a member of the Vergennes Lions Club. We Serve.

There are many places on the internet where you are asked for a web address. This is mine.


I believe that service is a critical part of life. I’ve been given many blessings in my life and I think we’re all called on to give back what we can.  That’s a major reason I’m involved in politics, but also why I’m a member of the Vergennes Lions Club. The Lions are the worlds largest service organization, they run an organization which strives to help people that most need help. They are both non-political and transparent, in fact in my club, just about anyone can go to the directors meeting pretty much any time. If you want to know what they’re about, ask a Lion.

I also serve on the board of the Lemon Fair Insect Control District.

Contacting me

You can follow me on Twitter @geekofallwork.

I’m on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/cburkins

On last.fm I’m cburkins.

I’m burk on boardgamegeek.com, though I’m usually just playing Tigris and Euphrates there.

I’m clburkins on GoodReads.

I’m one of the founders and co-conspirators of  Green Mountain Gamers, a group dedicated to Tabletop gaming.

My address is

1692 Market Road
Bridport VT, 05734

My Work

I am the CTO and Limited Partner of The Friday Group LLC, which does internet consulting as Thelix Internet.

I am

  • The lead developer of our The Friday Group’s major software products.
  • The lead technical consultant for the Thelix Internet consultancy.
  • An expert at PHP, unix, web hosting, and email.

I am the VP, co-owner, and co-distiller of Appalachian Gap Distillery, Inc.

I am:

  • The regulatory manager.
  • The main chemist.
  • Often dealing with a still.

My Beliefs

I’m a Christian who believes in the God of an extravagant calling. This God has called many people in many ways, and I believe there’s useful practice in most of the world’s faith traditions. I’m a former deacon and church school teacher, in a church of the United Church of Christ. I oppose fundamentalism. Scripture is meant to be taken seriously, not literally.

I’m a liberal and a Democratic activist, and I work hard to get Democrats elected in Vermont.

I am a member of the Bridport Democratic Committee

I am delegate to the Addison County Democratic Committee

I have worked on several campaigns for Chris Bray, a couple for Diane Lanpher, and ones  for Spence Putnam, Harold Giard, and Ed McGuire.